24-Port 10/100/1000Mbps Managed Switch with 4 1000M


Key Features:

  •  Ports: Provide 24*10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports with 4* 1000M Combo Uplink
  • Self-adaption: RJ45 port supports 10/100/1000Mbps Auto MDI/MDIX
  • Fiber Port:4 1000Mbps SFP Uplink
  • Wide Application: Designed for Wi-Fi AP and IP Security camera. VoIP etc.
  • Managed: Support remote web-managed, LAN and storm control, and IPV6 management, etc.
  • Surge protection: Protect the device from lighting surges and other electrical hazards
  • Installation: Rackmount with easy installation

High-performance switch with 4-gigabit Combo Uplink

This 24 ports gigabit Switch provides a high-performance switch architecture that is capable of providing the non-blocking switch fabric and wire-speed throughput as high as 64Gbps, which greatly simplifies the tasks of upgrading the LAN for catering to increasing bandwidth demands. Besides, the Flow Control function of the switch enables routers and servers to directly connect to the Switch for fast and reliable data transfer.


All the RJ45 copper interfaces of the S-24G4S-L2M support 10/100/1000Mbps auto-negotiation for optimal speed detection through RJ45 Category 6, 5 or 5e cables. It also supports the standard for auto-MDI/MDI-X that can detect the type of connection to any Ethernet device without requiring special straight or crossover cables. With 4 SFP module slots available, the SFP uplink port is ideal for connecting the switch to the network’s backbone, providing more than enough bandwidth and stability for ultra-high-speed data transferring, Beside the SFP can transmit the data with Max 100Km distance with a more economical solution


Cost-effective IPv6 Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch Solution

With layer 2+ managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch, it provides IPv6/IPv4 management and built-in L2/L4 Gigabit Switching engine and supports high-speed transmission of surveillance images and videos.


Robust Layer 2 Features

The S-24G4S series can be programmed for advanced switch management functions, such as dynamic port link aggregation, Q-in-Q VLAN, Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP), Layer 2/4 QoS, bandwidth control, and IGMP/MLD snooping. The S-24G4S series allows the operation of a high-speed trunk combining multiple ports. It consists of a maximum of 9 trunk groups with 2 ports for each group and supports connection fail-over as well.



Surge Protection Design

Reaching 6KV surge protection, the Ethernet ports owns the capacity to keep the Ethernet Switch from lightning strikes and other electrical surges, offering reliable performance even in some harsh environment